A world of satisfaction,
more than an e-bike.
Start your journey now.
It’s all so nice and easy.
Thanks to the motor-assisted pedalling and the automatic gear change, you can easily cope with flyovers, steep ascents and long stretches without any difficulty.
Safety and comfort.
The ergonomic seat is designed to make you travel without ever stressing your back. The shaped frame makes it easy to get on and off even when you are elegantly dressed or wearing a skirt.
The controls are at your thumb tips.
The bike is equipped with an on-board computer that constantly shows you the status of the battery charge, the speed, the level of assistance and the remaining running time.
Travel at the speed you want.
Sporty or relaxing riding? The 4 different levels of assistance are at your complete disposal.
Its electric motor is a small, but big genius.
Resistant to water and frost, it is designed to accommodate every journey in any weather and any temperature.
The battery can be removed and recharged in a flash.
Remove the battery (it weighs less than 3kg) and connect it to any power socket: in a short time it will be recharged, ensuring you up to 90km of autonomy. You can recharge it even partially: recharging for 15 minutes ensures 5 km riding (with assistance level 1).
The best lifestyle you've ever adopted.
You can ride in complete freedom
Even if it has an electric motor, you can use it like a normal bike: it doesn't require a driving licence or a minimum age for riding.
Smile at the traffic
Askoll e-bike makes getting around easier and your city more beautiful.
You arrive where others can’t arrive
You can go anywhere, quickly and easily.
Zero expenses
You no longer pay for a bus ticket, a parking pass, car servicing and all its expenses.
You stay fit
You can train, have fun, relax. It’s your decision.
The environment thanks you
You love nature: it's your legs that show it, without too much effort.
Which Askoll e-Bike will you ride?
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