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Technology makes the garden lovelier.
Easy. Everything is easier with technology. If you have a scooter or an electric bicycle, you already know what we are talking about: the freedom of getting about in pedestrian areas, the convenience of recharging the battery in an ordinary power socket. Savings, a green soul, no traffic queues… in short, there is everything, thanks to electric technology. Then, when you get home or when you are looking for something on your smartphone, technology is still there for you. For example: are you fond of nature, greenery, garden produce? Then this is the app for you: its name is iScape Free (on Google Play and on App Store) and it has been conceived to allow you to create a beautiful kitchen garden, even suggesting the best arrangement of the plant species you have chosen. If you like the topic and would like to become real experts, we suggest another super app, Gardroid - Vegetable Garden (on Google Play): an incredible amount of information about the sowing times and requirements of the various types of plants, divided in detail into vegetables, fruits, herbs and advice from the farmer. Now let us think about organization. If you have difficulty in creating the correct “gardener’s plan”, in MyPlants (on Google Play and on App Store) you can find the software application you need: its strong point is the schedule with memos which suggests, for example, the best time for watering or fertilising.

Have you already chosen the app that suits you? Then you are really ready to start your journey in the wonderful "techno-green" world.