Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
A fascinating address, tasty and bohemian.
To be reached by bike.
Let’s stop for a pause, on a day that already seems too busy. Let’s take back our spaces, discover new ones. We suggest an address. In the heart of Vicenza, at number 18 Contrà Cavour, there is a small venue that has seen centuries of history, meetings and stories. It’s the “Antica Offelleria della Meneghina” or, as everyone calls it, “La Meneghina”. You can get there easily by bike, with your Askoll. You will be pedalling along one of the oldest streets in the town, behind the Basilica Palladiana. “La Meneghina” is right there. After parking your bike, enjoy the peace of this place, its bohemian atmosphere, its bright window in art nouveau style. Follow the aroma of the newly baked “pezzi”. That’s what they call it, the “pezzo”, or “piece”, which they define simply as “neither focaccia nor pizza”.