Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Style in movement.
The colour of the month is: white.
From Copenhagen to Berlin, from London to Milan: anyone travelling in Europe has already noticed that something has changed in the world of two wheels. Getting about on a bike today is not just more different. It’s a lifestyle that goes beyond functionality, a choice that doesn’t only mean keeping fit: it's a creative expression, a mood, a personality. Starting from the details that are not just details. Let’s take the choice of the colour of the bike: will it be minimal, chic, imaginative, energetic, elegant?  There can be a great many answers, just as there are a great many colours (look at the great colours of our B1). To help you with your choice, we have thought of dedicating a section to this topic: colour.

This month we are talking about white, the colour that includes all the colours of the spectrum. White means light, positivity, "clean energy"; it represents the state of purity, the noblest feelings, the desire for change. For fashion there are no doubts: the total white trend is a winner. So why not combine the colour of the Askoll with your look? If minimal is for you, travel with a white coat and your favourite jeans.  If you prefer a feisty style, choose a bomber jacket with palazzo pants. If comfort is a must (but always with style), choose a knitted jumper and pants with a soft cut. Whatever you choose, total white is perfect: for fashion and for all the cool destinations to be reached on two wheels. A design concept store, the inauguration of an art exhibition, dinner with friends in a nice place (here we suggest a wonderful one): wherever your Askoll takes you, it’s great to be chic and, at the same time, to move in absolute freedom.