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Bike maintenance: 5 hints for perfect cleaning.
Yes, it’s “that” time again. After puddles, sudden summer showers, a few short-cuts taken out of curiosity... the time has come to clean our bikes. How many times have you put it off? Don’t worry, we have done it too. Now is the right time to set things right, learning a few, simple rules that will help us to always have a bike in tip-top condition! And it’s not just a question of appearance: mud, dirt, dust can build up and, in the long run, become abrasive, causing wear or, even worse, damage to the components. Good cleaning is therefore the first step towards a bike that is always efficient. Do it regularly: it is the right way to avoid unpleasant problems and prolong the life of your bicycle.

Here are a few simple hints.

1. Wash the bicycle with soapy water.
Wipe the whole frame with a sponge, even the smallest parts. If it’s an Askoll bike, pay particular attention to the electrical parts.

2. Clean grease from the drivetrain and the chain.
These are the points where the most dirt deposits. For the best cleaning, apply a degreaser and leave it for 5 minutes, then wipe the chain with a cloth. This operation must be repeated at least two or three times. 

3. Rinse.
Carefully remove all the soap, with a wet sponge or directly with water and a hose. Be careful: if the jet is too strong, it could spoil the most delicate parts.

4. Dry with a cloth.
This is perhaps the operation that requires the most patience, but it is also very important to avoid rust and corrosion.

5. Apply lubricant on the chain.
The final touch in caring for your bike is to apply lubricant on the chain: applying it regularly is fundamental for its perfect operation.

A final note: a silicone oil spray is very useful for lasting protection of the bicycle from dirt.

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