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Real life stories: a mother and her taste for harmony.
Simonetta is a lawyer, but above all the mother of two splendid children. A native of Livorno, she now lives in Vicenza and is a real force of nature. The fact is, she never stops: she loves to be always on the move and, above all, she loves life in the open air. To make the most of these passions (but also, she confesses, for the need to arrive on time at all her appointments), Simonetta has chosen an Askoll bike

We met her in the old town centre of Vicenza, on a sunny day, and, while taking a pleasant walk, she told us why her B1 is so special.

Good morning, Simonetta, we are getting to meet you at last. Can you tell us something about yourself?
Certainly. I am the forty-year-old mother of two small children, Pietro who is 5 and Benedetta who is 3. I am also a lawyer, but I am not practising at the moment: I enjoy my work, but I had the opportunity to devote myself completely to my family, so I took advantage of it. As well as my children, I love movement, green spaces, animals and the sea; in other words, I like to seek and recognise beauty and harmony in all the things that surround me… and also for this reason I love my bike!

Let’s talk about your B1… 
One of the main reasons why I chose the Askoll B1? It’s beautiful. I love its neat lines and the refined design. Something that can be useful and of good quality, but beautiful at the same time, makes me feel better. 

When do you use your B1 most? 
For getting about in town, when I am in a hurry. So nearly always (laughs). Joking aside, going about every day by bike, especially in the town centre, helps me find time for myself. And every mother knows how precious this time is.
What do you like to do in these moments dedicated to yourself? 
Go for a walk in green surroundings, with just my thoughts for company. This moment of contact with nature offers me a break in my days: I can breathe clean air, organise my ideas, in short it’s a real energy boost. Or I like to go for a longer ride than usual on my bike, maybe out of town.

So have you always been fond of cycling? 
Not at all. Before I learned about the Askoll concept, I hated bicycles. I found pedalling too tiring, I thought it wasn’t suitable for my build: every evening I had a sore back and legs, to the extent that I could not practise sports as much as I would have liked. Now it’s completely different! B1 has radically changed my relationship with bikes. 

Now that you have started to take longer bike rides, is there one you would like to share with us?
When I took the B1 to Livorno, I used it to go swimming at the “flat rocks”. It is a really unique place, where the sea is enchanting and silence reigns. Fortunately it cannot be reached by car: the road is long and very narrow, with lots of bends and often uphill.

How did your B1 behave on the uphill parts?
It is perfect for climbing because it overcomes a lot of the difficulty, helping me with every turn of the pedals. But the advantage is not only in climbing, because with this bike I feel safer in town too: the support of the electric motor gives me the feeling that I am more ready to respond to unexpected events in the traffic.

Thank you Simonetta for sharing your experience and your taste with us!

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