Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Red, the word for passion.
Red, amour. Red, like a refreshing slice of watermelon in summer. Red, like an unforgettable glass of wine. Red, like the sensuousness of lipstick on the lips. The colour red is all this and much more: in every look, from the most refined to the most minimal, a touch of red can light up our style. Depending on how we wear it, carry it or drive it, red can be an expression of elegance, vivacity, charm or vitality. From pop culture to haute couture, design chooses red to accentuate forms and give character to objects. Just think of the world of cars and motorcycles: here, the colour has become really iconic. But red is above all a very strong temptation, which even Askoll has been unable to resist: that is why it has been chosen in the exclusive palette of colours of the new S3. A beautiful red that blends with the neat and essential design of this new electric scooter, transforming it into a timeless must-have. Travel with passion, maybe echoing in your look the colour you have chosen for the S3: a coral red scarf, a pomegranate red tie… and whatever red you choose will conquer the road with you.