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Vietri sul Mare - Nocera Inferiore
There are places that have an unmistakable flavour, different from anywhere else. Here, where this news takes you, the perfume of lemons and the summer light blend with the sounds of life in the town, creating a unique atmosphere. That’s the air you breathe on the Amalfi Coast: crazy, beautiful, intriguing, enthralling. It remains inside you, for ever. The bicycle is the best way of getting about here, moving freely among these little towns, rich in tradition and in unspoilt nature, resting your eyes and your feet before the splendid landscapes towering over the sea. Your Askoll will take you wherever you want to go and, thanks to the motor-assisted pedalling, you can reach the heart of the wonderful Amalfi villages without too much effort.

If you are in this part of the world, we advise a short itinerary suitable for the whole family: from the breath-taking panorama of Vietri sul Mare to the Campania hinterland, to discover the most hidden secrets of the fortress of Palazzo Fienga. Ready to hop into the saddle?
Information on the route
Distance: 15 km
Surface: road.
Loop: no
Travel time: 1 h and 45 minutes.
Difficulty: easy, suitable even for children.
Type of itinerary: cycle touring.
Stops not to be missed
Amalfi Coast
Vietri sul Mare
The first pearl of the Amalfi coast is famous all over the world as the cradle of majolica. The little streets of the town are packed with artists and tiny workshops that produce real ceramic masterpieces. Between one shop and the next, you can glimpse the famous church of San Giovanni Battista: its dome is decorated with thousands of “shingles”, small majolica tiles shaped like fish in yellow, green and blue. The visual impact and the illusion that they are literally clinging to the rock will leave you astonished.
Cava de’ Tirreni
Leaving the magnificent panorama of Vietri sul Mare behind us, we arrive at Cava de’ Tirreni: elegant and tidy, with simple neat architecture, it is the ideal place to stop for coffee in the square. If it is too warm you can sit in the shade of the old white marble arcades: a perfect pause surrounded by enchanting craft shops.
Nocera Inferiore
Nocera Inferiore is included in two nature parks and the landscape that opens up before us will explain the reason why: the outlines of the Monti Lattari stand just a few kilometres from the sea. Riding past them we enter this beautiful little town. Fresh basil, San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella from Campania: these are the aromas that greet us on arrival. So why not stop for a pizza with genuine ingredients?
Castello del Parco
Palazzo Fienga
An imposing palace with a mysterious atmosphere: it is said that its rooms are haunted by the ghost of Queen Joanna of Anjou. To chase away fear, just take a walk in the beautiful park where you can admire many fine Mediterranean plants and the ruins of the old castle. This imposing mediaeval fortress stands on a hill dominating the whole valley: we advise you to climb the tower to admire a memorable sunset. So get off your Askoll and let yourself be surprised by this enchanting place.
Here is some practical advice:
Have you lost track of the time and it is too late to get back? No problem: a train leaves Nocera Inferiore for Vietri every fifteen minutes.