Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Winter on two wheels: the temperatures are getting lower. But not the advantages.
Can’t you do without the convenience of travelling by scooter even in winter? Neither can we. That is why we are offering you some useful advice for travelling on two wheels even when the temperatures are falling. They are simple but smart tips, which we dedicate to people who never stop, those who don’t want to give up the saving of time and money that the electric scooter guarantees, those who love winter and its colours and those who are on the road all year long.

Safety first of all.
Cold, rain and, in the worst cases, ice too: it is known that the road is not so safe in winter. Not for us: the easy handling of Askoll scooters, along with tyres with a good tread, allows the prevention of many accidents. And then, we never tire of repeating it, attention is always your best ally against all problems. To help you there are special adhesive films to apply on the visor of your helmet. They are designed to avoid fogging, a phenomenon that can be very troublesome, especially when the dark surprises you in the middle of the afternoon. The secret is to change them regularly so that you always enjoy optimum visibility.

Cold and bad weather? No problem.
If you are as sensitive to the cold as some of us, you know well what driving in this season means. Then you need the windscreen and the termoscud® leg cover. Together with technical clothing, possibly in layers, these ensure you of a comfortable journey even when the thermometer takes a plunge.

A last tip before you set off.
The batteries are the real heart of electric scooters: look after them and, when the temperature falls below zero, an excellent precaution would be to take them into the house or office with you. This is a great way to keep them fully charged (and to prolong their life!).

PS: Use wax in the ordinary maintenance of your scooter. You will see how it helps to preserve the bodies and the sensitive parts from wear during harsh weather, especially in winter.