Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Metallic Silver: the future is now.
Are you already riding it?
Certainly, the mythical Sixties. Do you remember them? Let’s blow some of the dust off. They were the years of the space race, the years when the enthusiasm for the technological revolution was spreading even outside the NASA offices. The whole world, from culture to fashion, from design to architecture, turned around a single word: innovation. That period, so intense and unforgettable, was the source that inspired the most fashionable mood of this season: metal details, reflecting elements, silver hair, a total silver look or more classic combinations enlightened by the choice of a decidedly glamorous garment. Some more inspiration? Pop art, the first science fiction stories, a disco ball to light up your party while David Bowie sings Space Oddity. The colour silver influences everything, even the design of electric movement: we present B2 Silver Matt Plus, the perfect blend of colour influence, contemporary energy and ecological spirit.