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100%, with zero waste.
A glance back at the past and an awareness that looks towards the future: this dual point of view led to the creation of Bottega Sfusa, a green corner in the heart of Padua where you can find selected top-quality products, all strictly organic. The best thing about it (and I mean the best) is that you will leave without spending too much and without unnecessary plastic bags or packaging. You can choose to buy the products with the reusable packs available in the shop, or, even better, fill your own containers from home.
This way of shopping is reminiscent of the old grocer’s shops, with their fundamental values of trust and reliability. The proprietor, Laura Failla, has adopted these same values, demonstrating them in everything, right from her meticulous choice of suppliers: “They are local farms and small businesses,” says Laura, “but above all, people bursting with energy who want to do their best. You will get to know them through their products because here, at the Bottega Sfusa, every flavour has a story to tell." It is a story of taste and passion that continues on the tables of the people who choose these products, who prepare them and enjoy them, in the awareness that a more natural diet is the key to improving one’s life. The Bottega Sfusa was inspired by Laura’s desire to share her passion for good things, for a more healthy and conscientious cuisine that expresses "a renewed relationship with Nature around us". 

Here is the address: number 29, Piazza Severi in Padua. If you are curious to learn more about Laura and her Bottega Sfusa, jump on your Askoll and take a ride here.