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5 fundamental points about the Askoll battery.
Lots of you have doubts and are curious about the innovative Askoll battery. We have collected the most frequent questions and turned them into a little guide that you can read below so that you can learn more about the heart of your electric scooter.

It was born in Italy. 
The Askoll battery is made of lithium ion cells and is designed and made in our factories, by the skilled hands of our technicians.

It follows you everywhere.
They are very easy to extract and charge. It is great that you can do it wherever you want, all you need is a socket and the handy battery charger (take it with you always!). 

You can recharge it as often as you want.
Its cells do not have a charging memory: this means that they are not spoilt if they are often charged, even only partially and for short periods of time. Indeed, they are much more efficient if they are frequently charged.

It has a very long life.
It lasts more than 33 thousand km in Eco mode. At this point in its long history the battery loses efficiency (its autonomy falls to 60% of its original value), but you can keep using it: just charge it more often.

It is affected by frost... but just a small precaution is needed to avoid the problem.
Take care on the coldest days of the year, when the temperature falls below zero: the battery could suffer a thermal shock. To avoid this, all you have to do is put the scooter in the garage or take out the batteries and put them in the house (just a few seconds are enough).

No doubts, no worries, no emissions, no fuel with the Askoll electric scooter. 
Ready to go. Are you still undecided about the model? Choose it here.