Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Filling up from your desk: a gesture that brings a smile to our days.
Everyone is fascinated by technology, but sometimes it really seems to go too far or, even worse, it seems designed to make things more complicated and not to simplify them as it should. What technology do we like best? Let's look at an example: it is morning and there are lots of things to do even before we start the day. Coffee, breakfast, get focussed and we're ready to go, but... we still have to get fuel! So off we go to the service station, the least expensive one, there's a queue, get out, pay, we forgot to get some cash so we have to stop at the hole in the wall (if we can find one). We're late and there's no time to go to the post office, to the market or even to the bookshop to get that book we wanted to start reading at lunchtime. There is a really great solution: filling up your scooter while sitting comfortably at your desk. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You just have to insert a plug in a socket... and there you are. Add the advantages that this gesture brings: a "full tank" costs only 30 cents and you can travel for more than 80 km* without causing pollution. This is true technology, the kind that takes us straight into the future, it knows what makes life complicated or makes us spend too much... and eliminates it, simplifying everything, in just a moment.

How can you fill up your scooter while sitting comfortably at your desk? With the batteries of the latest generation of Askoll scooters. You can choose your scooter directly here, so you can discover all the advantages that can make your journey lighter and bring more smiles to your life. 

*we are riding an S2 in ECO mode.