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Real life stories: Maddalena wonder woman! 
Maddalena is cheerful, kind, always ready to help everyone. A busy mum who works as a receptionist for a big company, she successfully divides her time between work, home, sport and her passions. It's great to manage to do all this, and to do it with a smile like Maddalena's is exceptional. But how does she do it? We asked her in this interview. If you would like to know Maddalena and her superpowers, read what she told us. 

Hi Maddalena, we know you are a very busy woman. Can you tell us about your day? 
My day is split between family and work. I have two children who are almost grown up: my daughter is at high school, while my son has just started working, but as you know, a mother's work is never done. 

Indeed, it's a full-time job! Then you work for a company...
I'm the receptionist for a large company. I must admit, I like being with people, taking stock of the situation, knowing whether to entertain guests while they are waiting. That's what being a receptionist is all about: being responsible for the first impression that the company makes.

What do you like to do in your free time? 
In the very little free time that I have, I like to do voluntary work. As I said, I like being with people and, when I can, I like to make myself useful.

That's great! Can you ever find time just for yourself?
It's a challenge, but sometimes I manage. Sometimes, when the house is quiet, or when I can go for a walk among nature, I treat myself to one of my greatest passions: books. 

Let's play a game: who is your favourite author and what was the last book you read? 
There's no doubt about the author, Herman Hesse. But the last book I read (now you can smile) was "A Column of Fire" by Ken Follett. A completely different genre. 

Any other passion?
I grew up in a village in the mountains, so I must admit that its paths and colours, the sounds and the fragrance of the woods, are always in my heart. I often feel the need to escape from the town, to seek the peace of the countryside, but it is not always possible. So I take a nice walk or escape into the peace of nature riding my B1. It's a wonderful feeling.