Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Time and money: how much do you save with an Askoll scooter?
Can we calculate how much time we waste every day moving around the town? And how much money? 
This is more or less what the start of a typical day is like for people living in today's society. 
You wake up early, have breakfast standing, get dressed in a hurry and off you go in your car. You come out of the gate and... too late: there's already a queue at the first traffic light. Bother, you need fuel! So you stop at the petrol station, the most convenient one of course, wait your turn and get back in the middle of the traffic. Once you've arrived, you start to search for a parking space: 12 minutes from the office... 

We wondered how you could save time, energy and money. There’s one solution: choose a different way of getting about. It is true, compared to the car there is the alternative of the traditional scooter, but there are always some disadvantages: having to go for fuel, the cost of refuelling, the road tax and the expensive insurance. There is no precedent in the race for savings: Askoll scooters have no rivals (find out more in this infographic). And how much do you spend to go 50 km?

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