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The new Askoll Blue? It can only be electric.
Let’s talk about blue. Blue is not just a colour, but the definition of a character, a declaration of identity. This colour has a very strong communicative capacity, recognized in many sectors. Its expressive potential changes depending on the shade you choose or how you combine it: fashion, design and art give us the proof, one collection after another. Think of the deep blue of Armani (the only colour able to oust black on his catwalks) or the iconic "Pippo Blu", the hippo designed by Armando Testa, or the need for Yves Klein to create "the most perfect expression of blue". In his work, the artist defines it not as a colour, but as THE colour, that unites art and life: "essential, potential, spatial, immeasurable, fast, static, dynamic, absolute, pneumatic, pure, prestigious, wonderful, exasperating, unstable, exact, sensitive, impregnated, impregnating, immaterial". Adjectives that Klein uses to describe "his" blue, but that also work very well for other shades, able to communicate different sensations, with the same strength: the lightness of sky blue, the elegance of air force blue, the timeless charm of denim, the energy of electric blue. Askoll chose the latter as the new entry for its range of scooters: celebrated in 2019 as "Bright Colour of the Year", no other colour is a better match for the sprint and design of Askoll e-scooters. So S2 and S3 are finally tinted blue: Electric of course.

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