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Askoll library: Vitamin Green, “the Bible” of sustainable design. 
Ecology and sustainability are two words that are increasingly present in our dictionary and in our lives: words that become facts thanks to small, constant changes in our habits, in our homes. When we talk about "green design", this is precisely what we mean: the possibility of creating spaces and objects that are good for us, for the environment and that are beautiful at the same time. “Vitamin Green", one of our favourite books, is about this and we are sure it will also look great in your bookcase.
Actually, this volume published by Phaidon is more than just a book: it is a "vitamin" that stimulates curiosity, fuels creativity and suggests useful and wonderful solutions for an innovative lifestyle with low environmental impact. A research book that shows how green design and architecture can simplify our lives, turning sustainability into a real creative current. In this guide you will find the best projects selected by an international group of designers, curators, critics and creative artists, projects that will offer you a new definition of "sustainable design", perfectly consistent with present-day life. 

It's really a beautiful book, which cannot be missed by those of us who have chosen this lifestyle.

Image Credit: Phaidon Editors