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Torino, city escape with S3 EVO (feat. Motoreetto)
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The arrival of the hot summer did not affect my desire to discover and learn more about our beautiful cities. On the contrary! Because in summer, people generally run away from cities, I am even more motivated to make one of my Escapes To The City. Target: Turin!

Turin the noble

After having visited and discovered Vicenza, I decided to head west towards the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy: Turin. The Piedmontese capital, with its two thousand years old history, it is a city full of charm and has endless reasons to be visited. Its museums are famous as well as its palaces and, why not, also its industrial past. Here Italy is motorized and, especially to those who, like us, are passionate about engines, Turin has a lot to tell.

But Turin is also the city of elegant cafes and squares; therefore – thanks to the temperature that invited to idleness – I decided to spend a day just wandering among these: piazze and cafes. Like a noble from the past.

To move agile and fast without emitting a microgram of CO2, I took S3 EVO, 100% electric and Made in Italy scooter, which I have already told you about in this video.

Around Turin: what to see and where to go

When there is the possibility, I like to start my itineraries in the most panoramic points, to get an overall view of the city before diving into it. In the case of Turin, the answer to this need seems all too obvious: Superga.

On the Superga, the hill stands the splendid basilica, and you can enjoy a beautiful view of Turin. From here, you can quickly get off and enter the city from the Church of the Great Mother. Also nearby is the Monte dei Capuccini, where there is another beautiful church and from which you have an even closer view of the city. So if you have time, take this little detour. Then go through Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I and enter Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the ideal place for meetings and to start the real visit of the city.

For the rest, you don't need a route to follow. You need only some reference points; here they are:
Get yourself a Bicerin, better if by the owners of the original recipe for three hundred years in Piazza della Consolata. Otherwise – or soon after – have a nice gianduja ice cream in one of the many exquisite and historic ice cream parlours like Fiorio right in front of Palazzo Madama. From there, take a walk under the arcades of Via Pietro Not and via Roma. You can also jump on your electric scooter and ride non-stop among the many squares. Each one can tell you something different about Turin. You must go to Piazza San Carlo. Here the coffee is genuinely for privileged people (6 euro for a shaken!), but it is rewarded by the atmosphere that makes us feel like nobles of other times.

Before going home, take a ride in via Monferrato at aperitif time. It's the coolest evening meeting place of Turin's youth. Or you can bet on "evergreen" Murazzi.

I hope you enjoyed these few tips or that they will come in handy on your next visit to Turin. See you soon with another vicious one Escape To The City, always silent and always without emitting CO2 thanks to the electric scooters designed and built in Italy by Askoll.