Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Real life stories: travel vlogger, what a daydream job.
Leaving the daily grind to pursue your passion is everyone's dream, right? Nice, but certainly not simple. Rossella and Stefano know this well. They are two Millennials so in love with travels that they said goodbye to their daily job to embark on an exciting adventure: travelling the world to become travel vloggers. In the last few years, they have opened a site (Fatti di Viaggi) that took them to legendary lands; immersed them in magical Arabian Nights; and made them discover a vibrant and somewhat defenceless world.

But they don't need to go to the other side of the world to enjoy breathtaking views and incredible panoramas: they live in the Garden of Europe!

Rossella and Stefano, right now, are touring Italy far and wide. We had a chat with them a few days after their trip to the Langhe region, which they visited in the most Italian way: riding a scooter. Electric.

Hi guys. First of all, thank you for the time you dedicate to us (we imagine that you're in full preparation for your next trip). Can you tell us a little about yourself and your fascinating job?

Hello everyone! We are Rossella and Stefano, travel vloggers by profession.

Fatti di Viaggi is the result of our greatest passionssocial media and travel. With our videos, our photos and our articles we want to make you fall in love with all the places we visit.

Travelling is our life and our work. We cannot help but back our bags and leave to new adventures. Whether it is a week or a day-long adventures, whether you visit small villages or distant dream destinations, each place has its own charm and a lot to tell. In all our travels, we love to immerse ourselves in the cultures of the countries we visit, tasting all the typical dishes, buying local clothes and living every particular experience.

Why did you approach the world of electric mobility to tackle your Piedmont trip?

We have always been attracted to innovations and cutting-edge ideas. We are also very sensitive to the issue of sustainability and we think that electric mobility should be embraced more by all of us, in our everyday life.

Then, with our e-scooter it was love at first sight! We fell in love with its design (which immediately refers us to the idea of Italianness) and with its respect for our planet.


Your first time riding an electric scooter was a 5-day trip in the hilly Langhe region. Some might call it a baptism of fire. Did you have any fear before leaving?

Absolutely! Before leaving, we organized a truly rich itinerary: there were so many things to see and activities to do. Our first fear was that the batteries’ range could not keep up with our rhythms. In addition, being two, with luggage, the equipment for the videos and, having chosen a hilly area for our trip, we were afraid that the scooter might not make it. Instead, our S3 EVO always held up great!

Having overcome the initial fears, what was it like traveling on the S3 EVO? At one point we saw you traveling on an unpaved road ...

Our scooter was the best travelling companion: we were very impressed by his being so quite-running but at the same time so powerful. The battery life then exceeded all our expectations. We often happened to lengthen our itinerary on purpose to be able to download it completely :).

Yes, almost without realizing it, we travelled short unpaved tracks to reach some of our stops. The Askoll reaches everywhere.

Let's talk about the trip. 3 places to visit in the Langhe.

Those who follow us know well that during our travels we love to live local experiences and find unique places. So the places that we recommend, because they have remained in our hearts, are the abandoned castle “La Volta”, a few kilometres from Barolo; the Fortress of the seven brothers, for its legend and suggestive landscape; the Brunate Chapel, for Instagram lovers and for the guaranteed glance.

You have now done several kilometers on your S3 EVO. If you had to define your scooter with one word, which one would you choose and why?

Absolutely FUN!

It might seem trivial but after the first few hours of use and immediately after becoming familiar with the vehicle, we simply enjoyed our trip with carefreeness.


Are there other regions that you would be curious to visit on your electric scooter?

Surely. Our dream is to see all the Italian regions on our Askoll. It would be a dream to see this little gem among the infinite beauties of our country.