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Electric scooter or e-bike? Find out if you’re an easy rider or a smart biker.
Have you been thinking about changing your lifestyle for some time? Did the queues at rush hour, the demanding costs of your car and the desire to contribute to the good of the environment make you think about the idea of moving to sustainable mobility?

Well, the advantages of an electric bicycle and an e-scooter are many. If you are undecided between them, here is a small comparison between them.


When evaluating which electric vehicle is most suited for you, consider your needs and the routes you usually take: are there cycle paths? Then the ideal is a pedal-assisted bike. Are there any faster routes? Perhaps it is better to choose a scooter, to move faster. The bike reaches 25 km / h, while the moped travels at a maximum speed of 66 km / h (or 45 km / h for mopeds).


Also, in this case, it is useful to analyse your habits and think about how you will use your electric vehicle. A bike has a maximum range of 80 km with the lowest level of assistance, while the scooter can exceed 90 km, and it is ideal for medium distances.


In both cases, charging the battery is really simple: you can remove it and charge it from any socket, or directly in on-board mode, for the scooter.
The scooter battery is recharged in three hours for 1 kWh at the cost of about 45 cents, while that of the electric bicycle takes 5 hours in total (3 for an 80% charge), but costs only 5 cents.


The bicycle involves only the charging costs; the electric scooter cuts the fuel costs and reduces waste: did you know that a recharge of electric power is transformed into 92% kinetic energy and only 8% heat loss?


Maintenance is simple for the bicycle: some precautions must be taken before each use, while others only periodically. It is essential to always check that the brakes and lights work well, that the saddle and handlebars are correctly tightened and clean it of dust and debris that can damage it.
For the electric scootermaintenance is lower than the endothermic one, since it does not have valves, cylinders, carburettor and does not require an oil change.