One or two-seater: choose the askoll electric scooter that’s right for you.
Leaving your car in the garage and switching to an electric scooter is a decision that’s not only kind to your wallet but is above all a responsible choice for the environment. If you travel average distances around town and you need to get around with agility, an Askoll electric scooter is ideal for you.

Two models, same quality: the S1 and S2 are designed and produced entirely in Italy – including the lithium-ion battery!

Both have three travel modes, an onboard computer that displays load, speed and distance and a highly energy-efficient brushless motor.

The one-seater S1 model is fitted with a lithium-ion battery as standard, with space to insert another and double the vehicle performance; the two-seater S2 model has two batteries as standard.

The Askoll battery is produced in Italy with Panasonic components, weighs about 8 kilos (less than a pack of water!) and charges to 100% in about three hours, costing you about 30 cents. With these latest generation batteries there is no memory effect so you don't have to wait until they’re fully charged before unplugging them. You can also remove them from the battery compartment under the seat for charging or connect them directly from the scooter.

The S2 is the newcomer to the Askoll family: a two-seater scooter with double seat, footrests, side handles and a front stowage compartment fitted with 12V socket for charging mobile devices or powering a satnav.

Whether you choose the S1 or S2, the benefits are the same: you get around with agility, drive without polluting and of course save on petrol and parking. Travel up to 50 km a day in ECO mode, reaching a maximum speed of 45 km/h, without harmful emissions for you or the environment and without noise.

Maintenance requirements are also much lower than for a petrol engine scooter.

As you can see, the benefits are many: choose the model you like best and join the world of sustainable mobility!
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