Meet the S2: the Askoll two-seater electric scooter.
The S2 is the new arrival in the Askoll family: the snappy two-seater electric scooter that’s perfect for getting around the city on average-length journeys. It comes in six colours: red, white, black, orange, purple and yellow for a style that’ll make you stand out.

But the S2 does not only look good, thanks to its unmistakable Italian styling; it has many other features that make it special. It allows you to get around with ease in traffic, without emitting exhaust fumes and lets you save on petrol, because its battery charges to 100% for just 15 cents.

With the S2 you save not only on fixed costs but also on maintenance, which is less than that for petrol engine scooters. Also, you get around with more agility than with a car and help look after the environment!

Exhaust emissions have risen in recent years and PM10 levels in some cities have become worrying. Why not choose an alternative, such as the Askoll S2?
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