S1: the Askoll electric scooter for everyone.
Are you looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to your car? Then the S1, the Askoll one-seater electric scooter, is definitely for you! Comfortable and agile, it nips through traffic without polluting and without making you spend money on petrol.

Reaching speeds of 45 mph, it is ideal for medium distances: in ECO mode its range can top 50 km.

It comes with a latest generation lithium-ion battery fitted as standard, which can be recharged at any time without having to wait until it is completely discharged. The battery is housed under the seat and is removable; you can charge it from any outlet or directly from the scooter. It charges to 100% in about three hours at a cost of 15 cents!

Choose sustainable mobility – choose an Askoll electric scooter!
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