The Askoll unisex electric bicycle: B1.
The B1 is the Askoll unisex electric bike: available in 14 different colours, its urban chic style is sure to win you over.

Just hop on and right away you’ll notice all the benefits and convenience of the B1: with pedal-assist and automatic transmission you can tackle long journeys and hills with the minimum of effort.

Its seat is very comfortable, even for women who don’t want to cycle when wearing a skirt: it's perfect for going to work!

The B1 isn’t just stylish and ecological – it also saves you time and money: no more traffic jams and no more paying for petrol. Its easily removable battery has a convenient handle that allows you to carry it with you. You can recharge it whenever you want, spending next to nothing: a 100% charge takes 5 hours, costs about 5 cents and gives a range of about 100 km. Also, there's no need to worry if you have to disconnect the battery before the charge is complete – there’ll be no reduction in the bike's performance.

The B1 is produced entirely in Italy – including the lithium-ion battery, which is guaranteed for 800 charge cycles. The  onboard computer keeps you updated on the battery charge status, speed, distance travelled and level of pedal assistance

Besides making savings, the B1 battery is also safe: it's completely watertight and can be used at very low temperatures and in all weather conditions without any risk of water infiltration.

And if you want to use for work every day and go for bike trips at the weekend, an Askoll bike is a trusty companion for your adventures! You can choose from four levels of assistance to move along effortlessly.

Black and fuchsia, white and blue, or the stylish total black? There are 14 combinations to choose from and you’ll love them all!
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