Let’s celebrate! It’s the European Mobility Week.
The days between Saturday 16th and Friday 22nd of September, to us are exceptional: like always, for the past 17 years, during this week we celebrate the European Mobility Week.

European Mobility Week is a lot of things rolled into one. A venture dedicated to mobility and its innovations, an opportunity to improve our way of traveling, a way of remembering what sustainable traveling means and how easy it is, and also one of our favourite events. It is celebrated every year at this time, thanks to companies and institutions that (on the official website of the European Mobility Week), propose their “Mobility Actions" (events, ventures, promotions), all conceived to interpret a common theme. The theme of this edition is indeed an innovative one: multimodality mobility.

Europeans love variety: think about food, fashion, music trends. But, when we think about vehicles, and transportation, many of us instinctively opt for the same method of transport when moving around without necessarily examining the needs of the specific journey. Usually, for going from A to B, we always take our cars. Surely, the car may be the best way to take your family to the seaside, but when it comes to going around the city, going by car can lead to stress. So, how about choosing a different way of moving, thanks to you can avoid traffic, you can arrive early at every appointment, and you can save some money?

Accept this European mobility week’s challenge, and discover how much comfortable, easy, and low-cost moving with alternative vehicles can be.

This year, why not test out different transport modes: cycle to the gym to get a head start on burning calories, or bring your foldable bike on the train to beat the rush hour traffic! Think about this: without your car, you’ll never be stuck in traffic, and you won’t need to spend time searching for an expensive parking spot.

The days between Saturday 16th and Friday 22nd of September, to us are exceptional: with multimodality mobility, not only you will have a positive impact on the environment, but you’ll also be happier (and your wallet will be happier too).
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