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Home delivery of pizzas, first and second courses.
Good morning Maurizio, how did you get involved in the Askoll world?
We chose Askoll because we are strong believers in sustainable mobility and commitment to the environment. Also, we cannot conceal our enthusiasm for the great saving that electric vehicles offer our company.

How many vehicles are there in your fleet?
Today we have 150 vehicles, both electric and traditional, making deliveries every day in Florence. We are sure that in the next two years we will manage to transform 80% of this fleet into electric scooters, thus making our service more environment-friendly.
Based on your professional experience, what are the advantages of the Spro scooter?
Electric scooters allow us to reduce both maintenance costs and fuel costs. As you can imagine, in a company like ours, saving so much on these two items is very important, in both the short and the long term. From the point of view of use, Spro is an agile and quiet scooter; these are fundamental factors for us as we are often on the move in residential areas, also in the evening.
Why would you advise other professionals to rely on the “Askoll Professional” service?
We advise it first of all for the quality of the product, but also for the service and assistance offered by Askoll. This is fundamental for people who, like us, entrust their work to the vehicles that they choose and to their reliability.
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