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You mustn't have any problems with your Askoll vehicle.
The ASKOLL network of authorised service centres is at your complete disposal for all routine and extraordinary maintenance activities. Thanks to the after-sales services made available, Askoll guarantees quick checks and assistance that allow your business to never stop.
Finance your Askoll movement.
Pay without hassle, travel straight away.
Askoll helps you to transform this goal into reality immediately: you can buy your fleet and pay in convenient instalments. Find out about active financing options from our authorised dealers. The financing conditions vary according to the amount financed, the duration of payback and the active offer with the financing partner.

For all the economic and contractual conditions, refer to the “Basic European Information of Customer Credit” (IEBCC/SECCI) at the sales outlet. Subject to approval by the chosen finance company.
Start light on leasing solutions for corporate fleets.
With leasing options, choose an alternative solution to purchase which is increasingly convenient for companies, professionals and individuals.
It is possible to plan the payment of periodic rentals in the best possible way, to define the initial advance, plan the management costs and decide whether or not to purchase the vehicle only at the end of the contract.
You will also benefit from tax advantages, such as amortisation through the deductibility of periodic rentals over the duration of the contract.
 Long-term rental
All inclusive: it's the Askoll long-term rental.
With fixed monthly rental fees, including service and maintenance, you can focus exclusively on your business. Whether you are a self-employed person, a small or medium business or a large company, you can choose the scooter rental service that best suits your needs.

Discover the log term rental offers managed in collaboration with our partners at the Askoll authorised dealers or by contacting us directly.

Italy: Cooltra, ALD.
Portugal: Cooltra.
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