Electricity sets out to conquer the town.
Two frames, one great bike. Which is your B4?
Two frames, one great bike. Which is your B4?
Go wherever you want: B4 is your electric freedom.
  • Battery Range
  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Perfect for the city
  • 1 / 7
Removable battery
  • 2 / 7
Ergonomic frame
  • 3 / 7
Motor with 4 levels of power assistance
  • 4 / 7
On-board computer
  • 5 / 7
Shock-absorbing fork
  • 6 / 7
Manual 6-speed gear
  • 7 / 7
Disc brakes
Roads, streets, climbs...: you can travel freely.
B4 is ideal for getting about freely, quickly and pleasantly in large cities, on main roads and even in the tiny streets of the old town. No limit.
Designed to make your city life more beautiful.
Ergonomic saddle, shock-absorbing fork, large 28" wheels. Sturdy frame, large handlebar, comfortable riding position. The front and rear LED lights offer perfect visibility. Have fun in total comfort.
Its motor has chosen the perfect position to give you the maximum.
Installed in the rear hub, the 250 W motor provides direct power transmission and more dynamic riding. Strong, safe, efficient, it is designed to withstand water and frost and to accommodate your every trip.
Unisex or Man?
Unisex is the version with the more inclined column to make it easy to get on and off even when you are elegantly dressed or wearing a skirt. Man is the version with a horizontal bar for a cooler ride.
Take the Askoll world with you all the time.
Life is easy with the B4 battery.
The B4 heart is powered by a 300 Wh lithium-ion battery. Recharging it is easy: remove the battery (it weighs less than 3 kg), place it on the charger, connecting it to any power socket, and in a short time it will recharge, ensuring you up to 80 km of autonomy*.
You can recharge it even partially: recharging for 15 minutes ensures 5 km riding with assistance level 1.
* varies depending on the level of assistance selected.
With B4 I can even go out at the last minute: I arrive everywhere in a moment.
Beatrice rides an B4.
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