Connect to the road: it’s your electric life.
Choose your colour and travel to the top
Choose your colour and travel to the top
Electric, eco-friendlyand super cool.
  • Battery Range
  • Exclusive design Made in Italy
  • You are always connected
  • 1 / 11
Digital display
  • 2 / 11
“Comfort plus” two-seater saddle
  • 3 / 11
Bluetooth connection with dedicated App
  • 4 / 11
Askoll motor with high energy efficiency
  • 5 / 11
Standard USB socket
  • 6 / 11
Power Train for a quieter transmission
  • 7 / 11
Removable standard batteries
  • 8 / 11
3 running modes
  • 9 / 11
Dual blend tyres for greater stability
  • 10 / 11
Great manoeuvrability and non-slip grip
  • 11 / 11
Built-in parcel rack, design Made in Italy
NGS2, this is the life.
NGS2 has a top speed of 45 km/h: just enough to give you all the freedom you want... travel on all urban routes with a range of up to 71 km. Where will we meet tonight?
Designed to save you a lot of money.
Made in collaboration with Italdesign, NGS2 has a brazenly scooter-like aesthetic. It loves to show its personality, one you won't forget.
Digital makes everything so easy.
NGS2 connects its great design to the most modern mobility concept: digital display with connectivity module, Bluetooth communication with dedicated App... you are one step ahead and that step is electric.
I’ve got everything: are you coming too?
Equipped with the brand new silent Power Train transmission and built-in luggage rack, the NGS2 is pleasantly two-seater. Sharing is so nice.
With the double battery, the range is enhanced.
With the NGS2 and its 71 km range, you can really enjoy carefree travel. Have you any idea how far you can go with it? A long, long way.
Take the Askoll world with you all the time.
Intelligent and very practical. It’s the double battery.
The NGS2 Lithium-ion batteries can be easily charged from any power socket and with a minimum expense of only 15 cents (considering the average nocturnal rate of 0.15 €/kWh).
PRACTICALJust recharge it directly on the scooter, or take it out of the compartment under the saddle (it weighs 7.6 kg, less than a crate of water) and connect it to the battery charge
FASTCharging from 0% to 100% takes approximately 3 hours.
SMARTIt is not necessary to wait for the battery to run down completely before connecting it to the power socket, or for it to be completely charged before unplugging it: for convenience, you can charge it even every day, without any reduction in performance.
"Zero wasteful spending, zero pollution, zero worries. With NGS2 my life is much lighter. One thing I can’t help but is the Askoll app: it connetcs you to the road."
Tommaso rides a NGS2
It's nice to reckon with Askoll e-Scooters. Always.
Only 45 € a year
Many European states and municipalities offer incentives: contact your local authorities to check availability of the funding.
You only need 12 € to travel for a year *
*Assuming 10 km a day, 5 days a week, for 52 weeks.
Visit the nearest dealer.