NGS. New design. Much more fun.
New energy is coming to town. After the success of the Askoll eS range (the most sold electric mopeds since 2015, in Italy), Askoll introduces NGS. Three e-mopeds which have what it takes to become the perfect travelling companions around town. Let’s find out why.


  • NGS aims to introduce electric mobility to a broader audience, to two-wheels lovers, who appreciate more traditional aesthetics.
  • NGS e-mopeds are bigger than the eS range, with a more protective windshield, guaranteeing a safe ride.
  • They are lightweight and manoeuvrable, even for those who don’t have familiarity with the two-wheels.
  • NGS e-mopeds help you save not only time but also money: 0 fuel costs. 0 parching costs. Only a few cents for recharging their batteries from 0 to 100% and maintenance costs are reduced.
  • NGS line consists of three e-mopeds. NGS1 and NGS2 are both two-seated and reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h, the ideal speed pace for travelling around town. NGS3 is faster and more powerful, with its 66 km/h maximum speed and a range of around 96 km per charge.
  • NGS2 and NGS3 are equipped with a full digital display, with a connectivity module, and a Bluetooth system, with whom they can connect with the new Askoll Smart Drive App, available on Google Play and App Store.
  • Let’s colour things up! Our NGS e-mopeds are available in white, charcoal grey, and red.

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