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Spro: the more you work, the more you save.
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Spro 45 or 70? Choose the most suitable model for you
Discover Spro
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The electric scooter that improves your life and your work.
Discover Askoll Professional services
The more you ride Spro, the more you save.
Calculate how much.
How many kilometres per year do you travel?
Write the number of Km per year and discover how convenient it is for you to travel with Spro 45
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  • Euro saved:
  Spro45 e-Scooter Traditional SCOOTER
Yearly supply
(electric recharge)

Civil Liability cost
Road tax first 5 years €***
Routine maintenance cost
How much CO2 do they produce?
  Spro45 e-Scooter Traditional SCOOTER
CO2 emissions g
(7g / Km)
(70g / Km)
* Referring to a 50cc scooter among those most sold on the market and most used by professional clientele
** Profile of insured party: male, age 40, residing in Rome, credit rating 6A, with use also by riders under 25 years
*** Road tax is free for the first 5 years
You save on everything with Spro.
With Spro your work
will have many more advantages.
“We advise it for the quality of the product, but also for the service and assistance offered by Askoll.”
Askoll scooters are completely designed and manufactured in Italy.
Home delivery of pizzas, first and second courses.

“Electric scooters allow us to reduce both maintenance costs and fuel costs. As you can imagine, in a company like ours, saving so much on these two items is very important, in both the short and the long term. From the point of view of use, Spro is an
agile and quiet scooter; these are fundamental factors for us as we
are often on the move in residential areas, also in the evening.”
Head of Marketing and Communication at Runner Pizza, Florence

“The more you ride it, the more it suits you: with the delivery of 1,000 pizzas, we paid off a scooter.”
The great saving on fuel allows a quick return on the investment.
“With Askoll we have found the practical solution to many of our organizational needs.”
Store Manager Pizza Hut, Paris
“For a distribution network as extensive as that of the Austrian Post, the environmental impact is very important.”
About 11 million mopeds and scooters are circulating in Europe. If they were only electric scooters, the yearly production of CO2 would be reduced by more than 2 million tonnes.
Postal service
“Working better means carrying out your activity in a functional way, using tools that optimise the results. Both for companies and for the environment.”
Heinzl Group CEO
, Vienna
“The very low maintenance and fuel costs, along with the satisfaction of the people who use the scooter every day, speak for themselves.”
Thanks to a service network throughout Europe, with Spro you can travel without worries. And without unnecessary costs: just 45 euros of maintenance per year, compared to 200 euro* for a traditional scooter.
*Reference to 50 cc scooters among the most used in corporate fleets.
Security and Safety Services
Spro is fast and always ready to go, an essential plus for our work.”
Area Head of Barani Group, Florence
“Wow! For once, the initial expenses were much lighter than we thought.”
State Eco-incentives + free road tax for 5 years + 0* interest rate financing = all the convenience of working with Askoll.
*Check what initiatives are available in your country: ask one of our dealers, here.
Real Estate Agency, Paris
"It does not pollute, it does not release odours, it does not make us waste time looking for a parking space or at the petrol station: in the evening we take it to the agency for recharging and in the morning it is ready to leave again. Spro is a convenient way of moving around the city!”
Commercial Manager at Century 21, Paris
“The simplicity of charging the battery is priceless.”
Lithium-ion batteries can charged from any power socket and with a minimum expense of only 15 cents.*
*Considering the average nocturnal rate of 0.15 euros/kWh.
Group of Linesmen of the Port of Piombino
“What we like about Spro is, first
of all, it is 100% green: we are proud to ride about the port while ensuring a reduced environmental impact. And then there is certainly the simplicity of charging the battery: it’s priceless.”

Head of the Group of Linesmen of the Port of Piombino, Livorno
“It’s convenient and fast for a service like ours: we have to get all over the city and at all hours.”
Agile in traffic and very convenient in old town centres: Spro takes you wherever you want.
"Punctuality is the calling card of our business: travelling with Askoll is a security."
Marketing Manager LouLoue, Paris
"Deliveries are also made at any time of the day: Spro's silence is part of our service.”
Askoll professional vehicles are against pollution, including noise.
Delicatessen and home delivery
"Saving, loading capacity, safe driving and ease of use: these are the advantages of SproK2 that have improved our business.”

Roberto Valentini, CEO Gruppo Santa Rita, Turin
“The customisation of our Spro has been fundamental to optimise our work.”
The high capacity and different loading options make Askoll vehicles an ideal partner to support the pace of your business.
World leader in the home delivery of pizzas
“The Spro developed for Domino’s has a high loading capacity, but maintains the compactness that makes it easy to handle (an essential advantage for our riders).”
Construction Manager Domino’s Pizza
“Practical, comfortable and easily recognisable: we have found the right solution.”
With Spro's endless customisation possibilities, take your brand all over the city.
"Its performance and ease of riding have made it our employees' favourite vehicle.”
Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication with the Battistolli Group in Vicenza
People who have chosen Spro confirm
that it is a successful partner.
Come prepared, compare the models.
Ask for an Askoll consultation.
We will help you choose the ideal vehicle to optimise your business.
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