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Real life stories: a ride in the park with the ers!
We met one lovely sunny afternoon. In the park there were Giulia (10), Tommaso (13), Andrea (11) and Benedetta (9): we asked them what they thought about , the Askoll e-bike for youngsters. They were a bit shy at first, but we broke the ice with what was one of the most popular topics: “how did you customise your ?” The reply was a stream of words, opinions, colours and new ideas. We listened to all their ideas and we did it in their style: riding on the through the paths of the park, having fun going up and down slopes, often zigzagging, just like a lightning bolt (we must confess: they were much better than us).
Here are their replies.

Hi Giulia, what stickers did you choose to make your unique? And what do you like best about your new bike? 
I chose Maori stickers because I liked the shapes and yellow lines, but especially the tortoise, which is my favourite animal. I like this bike because I can go a long way with my dad who is a super cyclist!

Tommaso, what struck you most about ?
Well, I liked it right away because it's really awesome. Then black, with red flames on the sides... I also added some stickers that I already had, like the skull on the battery. Soon (maybe) I'll have a moped, but I'll never stop having fun with my friends on my bike, in the park or in the hills. Ebolt is something completely different.

It's your turn, Andrea, tell us your thoughts.
White, with the drawing of a crocodile: this has always been my favourite . When I saw it in the shop window, I asked my parents if I could try it out. The day they gave it to me, I couldn't believe it! What do I like most about it? It's very fast, even uphill.

(Now it's the turn of the youngest of the group, a smart one, with very clear ideas). 

Benedetta, tell us about your .
I'm a bit ashamed to say it, but before I didn't know how to ride a bike well, because I didn't use it very much. But with the motor everything is easier: even if I ride near the cars, I'm not afraid any more, not even in the morning when I go to school. Maybe the unicorns, clouds and rainbows that my mum helped me to stick on are magic. They're certainly gorgeous (I wish I could draw like that).

Thanks a lot guys ... or rather, ers!

And now... We leave the ers to their races, we are definitely too slow. If you can keep up with them, dash over to the page dedicated to : there you can find out all about this bike and its world.