Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
It only takes you 50 seconds to memorize these rules for safe driving.
It’s very important. We will never tire of repeating it, even if safety is an issue that is much less exciting than others. Instead, just remember and follow these hints to drive safely and not risk your life.

- Of course, you have to wear a helmet, always.
- Respect the Highway Code: these are the first rules for our safety.*
- With the scooter it's easy to be tempted to overtake vehicles in a queue: don't do it (especially near intersections)! 
- Speaking of visibility: keep at a safe distance, in a clearly visible position for the vehicle in front of you. 
- Pay attention to speed limits. A controlled speed also helps us to anticipate any unforeseen events (such as potholes, cars turning, sudden braking). 
- In the case of Askoll scooters you have to pay a little more attention to pedestrians and cyclists: they often do not hear you coming because they are not used to such quiet electric   vehicles.
- Always check your vehicle. Askoll's authorised workshops will be happy to help you (find out which one is closest to you here).
- Most accidents in town are caused by moments of distraction: drive only if your mind is clear.
- Take a look at the weather before leaving (here we are talking about correct driving in the bad season).
- Insurance is important. Sometimes you don't have to spend too much: in the case of policies with which Askoll has an agreement you can save a lot of money and travel without restrictions.

* To the points of the Highway Code we would like to add one: with a pinch of courtesy towards other road users, your trip will become even more enjoyable.