Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Roaring motors step aside: the electric era is here
Being sustainable is no longer just a (brilliant) trend. Nowadays, it’s a must. Most of us have already adopted new habits to minimise our carbon footprint: who's reducing their use of plastic and paper, someone recycles everything recyclable, and some of us have embraced green fashion (yeah, even that exists).

We can also do good for the environment by changing the ways we get around in town. For example, if you leave your car at home and travel on an e-moped, not only do you reduce harmful emissions, you save money and can enjoy the city and its streets in a more relaxed way. Is all of this really possible? Of course. Here’s why.

1)      Reduced costs

Petrol and diesel are the main reason why the cost of each vehicle rises so quickly. With electricity, you can eliminate these costs: a full recharge for an S3 costs around 0,45 € (considering the average nightly rate of 0.15 €/kWh). If you travel 10 km a day with an electric scooter, you would spend around 15 €* a year to refuel. Yes, you read that correctly: 15 €.

2)      You don’t just save on fuel

A lot of cities support electric transport by way of incentives: in 2019 in Paris, a city-sponsored ecobonus enabled you to purchase an eSPRO 45 for less than €1000 and similar initiatives are becoming increasingly common (a word of advice: see if, in your town, they have started offering bonuses for using electric transport).

Also, insurance costs less compared to fuel-powered motorbikes and maintenance fees are much less expensive.

3)      Travelling is completely different.

According to those who already travel with them, e-mopeds are easy to ride:

Just press your thumb down and off you go!!!

Before knowing anything about Askoll e-scooters, I’d never got on anything with two wheels. Now I can't do without it.

Riding it is really good fun, like playing with a toy” (…well, it’s not really a toy. But we appreciate the enthusiasm).

They are also easy to recharge: you can use any electrical outlet to charge the extractable lithium-ion battery.

4)      Bye bye stressful traffic.

Imagine not having to waste your time (and patience) stuck in city traffic. And no longer having to search desperately for (cheap) parking. And not being affected by public transport timetables when coming and going.

With an e-moped, getting from A to B in town is more fun and relaxed, even when there’s a traffic jam: just imagine how satisfied you would feel travelling the streets of the city centre on your scooter on days like that.

5)      Less traffic = more time for you.

Each year we spend, on average, around 45 hours stuck in traffic. By riding an e-moped, you can devote the time you get back to your personal hobbies… or even get up slightly later in the mornings.

In short, with an e-moped, you save lots of time and money, do good for the environment and benefit personally too. Chosen yours yet?