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Welcome to Groningen: the capital of young people and of bikes.
Imagine literary coffee shops always full of students, places where creative people from all over the world meet, a city where there is room for the most modern design alongside the traditional architecture of Northern Europe: we are in Groningen and, in such a place, the most used means of transport can only be the bicycle. 

This scarcely known little gem is in the north of Holland, two hours by train from Amsterdam. It seems to stand in the middle of nowhere, but this city hides many surprises: its peasant origins blend with a lively artistic, creative and cultural scene. A ferment that you can breathe everywhere: from the small squares to buildings with a sophisticated design, in its picturesque little streets or along every canal in the city. And the energy of 60 thousand students from more than 120 countries worldwide. 60,000 students, out of a population of 200,000, make Groningen the youngest city in Europe (half of its citizens are under 35). But that is not the only record it can boast: with its 145 kilometres of cycle paths, it deserves the nickname "European Capital of Cycling". Not just ordinary bike paths, then, but real roads for cycling ... a dream. If this makes you feel like hopping onto your Askoll, follow us. The addresses we suggest are just some of the places not to be missed in one of the most exciting cities of the moment.


It is more than 500 years old, but it doesn’t show its age: the Martinitoren is the majestic bell tower which, with a height of 97 metres, dominates Groningen. Climbing up there may make you feel dizzy, but it's the perfect place to see the whole city. From there, on the clearest days, you can see the beaches of the North Sea, thirty kilometres away.

Groninger Museum
The city museum, designed by Alessandro Mendini and Philip Starck in 1993, is an imposing building that hosts temporary and permanent exhibitions: wander through its rooms with their futuristic design and its long corridors that come from the future (your Instagram will thank you). Notice to all travellers: spend a few hours at the intriguing Stripmuseum, a real paradise for all lovers of comic strips.

Nieuwe Markt
This is the first time that we recommend a place that has yet to be opened, but it allows us to understand the continuous development of the city. A dynamism that can be appreciated in this square: the "New Market" is an ambitious project that combines the old and the new without a break. It will be completed in 2019: are you ready to discover the new face of Groningen?

Café de Sigaar
Park your Askoll under the old neon sign: you will be welcomed by the old wooden counters, Art Nouveau chandeliers, antique mirrors and stained glass windows. Then, sit down along the canal or in the small room of the Café Sigaar and immerse yourself in the real bohemian atmosphere of the beginning of the twentieth century.

Mr. Mofongo 
If you want to drink a great cocktail or enjoy a different dish in a spectacular location, this is the right place for you: Mr. Mofongo is a must in the night-life of Groningen.

De Sleutel
Founded in 1659, it is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. The perfect place to taste typical dishes of the local cuisine, such as the winter soup of peas and bacon or mustard soup (highly recommended!), the inevitable herring, stews and local beers. Don't miss their herbal liqueur to finish your meal: it's delicious.

*If you are in town in December don't miss the Winterwelvaart: the great pre-Christmas event during which you can board the many boats that animate the city canals. A unique experience.