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New ideas
Amsterdam’s roofs are “green” and allow the city to breathe.
How can we respond to global warming in our daily lives? Let's start here: use public transport, go about on foot, choose your bike or electric vehicle, throw away less waste and consume better. Practical solutions that everyone can adopt every day with the awareness that, thanks to all these small choices, the result will be significant for our future. Those who choose Askoll know well what we are talking about: every trip on the saddle of electric bikes and scooters greatly cuts down waste and reduces emissions to zero. 
In addressing the problem of global warming, some people wondered if we could do even more: not only limit the damage of pollution, but also find a way to improve the quality (and temperature) of the air in our cities. This is the bet placed by "Urban Roofscapes", a Dutch company that is creating a new type of "green roofs". Entirely eco-compatible, these hanging gardens of the latest generation are able to store water and release it a little at a time. In this way, the system uses the thermal capacity of the plants to lower temperatures in the city. In the difficult game against global warming this could really be a small revolution for metropolises all over the world. 

Watch this video and imagine entire neighbourhoods covered with gardens like these, able to make homes and cities 100% eco-friendly.

Video Credit: La Repubblica