Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
2017 is the year of sustainable tourism.
Have you ever thought of setting off to discover the world on your Askoll? Have you ever wanted to cycle away to seek out unique itineraries, then continue on foot, following paths of extraordinary beauty? If the answer is yes, this year you have another reason for doing it. The United Nations have declared 2017 the “year of sustainable tourism”. There will be 365 days dedicated to “that” way of travelling: respecting the environment, the natural resources, the local communities. In short: “travel, enjoy, respect” will be the key words in the coming months and we would like them to become permanent. 

We have asked ourselves: what does “responsible travelling” really mean? It means visiting, discovering, getting about while fully respecting the environment and the country in question. But it also means retrieving an authentic and profound relationship with space and time, allowing our eyes and bodies the freedom to empathise with the people, things and environments that they encounter. The awareness of travel will therefore lead us to visit ordinary places with different eyes and out-of-the-ordinary places with curious eyes. So let’s say yes to choosing alternative means of getting about, to choosing places to stay that have determined characteristics of eco-sustainability, to cultural exchange with people, to dialogue and to authentic, tangible, real sharing.

We would like to add a final note to this article, reminding ourselves and all our readers that sustainable tourism can be every day: a short holiday, but also a cycle ride, just out of town or through its streets, the ones that no car can reach. 

So, whatever route you choose… Bon voyage!