Dedicated to those who love to travel like us.
Milan (by bike) has never been so beautiful.
Milan is made up of many cities put together. The Milan of fashion and design, the Milan that never sleeps, the Milan of art, the Milan of young people, the Milan of traditions. Each one, in its own way, represents that precise moment in history in which the city discovers that it is the heart of a young, green Europe, full of opportunity. This vitality becomes its charm: this is why we are never surprised to hear people say that “Milan has never been so beautiful”. 

Yet sometimes this beauty goes unnoticed, smothered by the frenzy of daily life. We think that, to avoid missing it, one has to move at the right speed. And the people of Milan are starting to do this: tired of confusion and of wasting time in the traffic, more and more frequently they are choosing the bicycle. The useful and the enjoyable really seem to come together in this choice, confirming that the bicycle is the perfect means for fully appreciating life in Milan, for following its rhythm and slowing down whenever you want. The electric bicycle has an additional advantage: ecological, innovative, finely designed, it allows you to take longer trips in shorter times and without any effort. So it is easy to move from one part of the city to another. 

So let’s set off to discover Milan, with its infinite, beautiful aspects. We suggest these addresses, but we invite you to find new ones… because Milan really is a surprising city, today more than ever. Ready? Off we go.