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Trento - Rovereto:
the Valley of Lakes.
Follow us on this route: we are going to take you to the green, green heart of Trentino. Amidst unspoilt valleys, crystal-clear streams and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, we shall follow some of the most beautiful cycle tracks in Italy, framed by the majestic peaks of this splendid region. Enchanting villages, mountain lakes, fortresses, castles and breath-taking panoramas: we found them all here, from Trento to Rovereto, passing through the Valley of Lakes, with wonderful views of Torbole on Lake Garda. The landscape seems infinite and you won’t even notice covering 65 km on this route. If that sounds too much for you, opt for Askoll’s motor-assisted pedalling function: with its 4 levels of assistance, it will make your trip even more pleasant. Is it so beautiful and you are not tired yet? Then don’t stop at Rovereto, but go back to Trento along the “Adige cycle track”. Yes, indeed: Trentino is full of cycle tracks, a real paradise for lovers of nature and cycling.
Information on the route
Distance: 65 km.
Surface: paved and dirt road.
Loop: yes.
Travel time: about 5 hours.
Difficulty: medium-easy.
Type of itinerary: cycle touring.
Stops not to be missed
Castello del Buonconsiglio
The old town centre of Trento is a tiny gem, rich in fine buildings and monuments. It was once surrounded by high medieval walls, connected to the imposing Buonconsiglio Castle and stretching as far as the river Adige.
Lake Toblino
Among the many castles that you encounter in the Valley of Lakes, Toblino Castle is one of the most striking: the park and the building seem to float on the water.
Roman Bridge at Ceniga
The fragrance of the vineyards, olive trees and orchards in this area tells you that you are nearly at Ceniga. When you get there, don’t miss the chance to cross the old Roman bridge.
If you are wondering why there is an avenue of palm trees in a valley in Trentino, there is no doubt: you have arrived at Arco. When you arrive in this little town, stop pedalling for a while: it is the perfect place to take a break.
The landscape that opens before you will take your breath away: after kilometres in the valley, your heart will stand still at the sight of a tiny, enchanting beach (in fine weather, why not go for a bath: the water is crystal-clear!).
Loppio Biotope
This is a little protected lake, or rather a lake wetland. Here you can find the archaeological site of S. Andrea, which has revealed finds dating from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, then up to the First World War.
After a well-deserved break in the square at Rovereto, treat yourself to a relaxing visit to the MART, one of the most important modern and contemporary art museums. You must not miss the “Depero” Futuristic Art House, which is an integral part of the museum, even though it is located in another part of the town.
Here is some practical advice:
- The quickest way back to Trento is certainly the train (15 minutes).

- For sports fanatics who want to complete the loop on their bikes, we advise taking the fine Adige cycle track: the section from Rovereto to Trento is about 25 km long. 

- What is the best time for this route? Any time. Our favourite time is autumn, with its wonderful colours and the warmth of a season that seems reluctant to arrive at the winter cold.